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Cosmic Tattoos

At Cosmic Tattoos, we are proud to have a safe space for artists and collectors to work together to create extraordinary custom designs and tattoos.

Cosmic Tattoos is committed to fostering the creative and potentially spiritual nature of tattooing. We celebrate the self-empowering and transformative power of this art form. We offer a place for artists and collectors to come together to create extraordinary custom tattoos.

It takes an extreme level of passion and dedication to become a successful tattoo artist. Tattooing demands a deep understanding of art, learning about art takes time patience, and practice. You must have skill and commitment and especially a creative mind to bring an idea to life on your skin. Not only do we focus on the design, but also the placement of the design making sure it fits and flows with the body. Maintaining close attention to detail is an important part of the job. Maintaining close attention to detail also entails keeping to the procedures that protect the client’s hygiene and well-being.

We enjoy creating a welcoming environment where the artists help create and realize your vision using the most up-to-date and advanced equipment and aftercare products to help you heal your tattoo perfectly.

Meet Emily

I do a lot of illustrated color work and I’m always learning new techniques and branching out into different styles. I am absolutely honored to have my clients wearing my art on their bodies.

Originally from Florence Alabama, I started hanging out at our local tattoo shop as soon as I was of age. I had gotten 3 tattoos in a row each one bigger than the last. Having made friends with one of the artists he introduced me to his cousin Patrick Hefley. Patrick and I married in 1994 and moved to Charleston SC where I learned to tattoo. In 2001 we moved to Charlotte NC where I began my tattoo career at Alien Ink on Monroe Road. About a year later the owner sold me the shop. In December of 2002, we opened as Cosmic Tattoos. It is hard to believe that it has been over 20 years.

I am a fan of the Grateful Dead, a Deadhead. I enjoy all the different common imagery as well as the custom designs that are inspired by my clients. Grateful Dead tattoos are so much fun. When a client requests a tattoo of a song that I’ve heard a million times or maybe a song I never took the time to care much about, it gives me a chance to really listen to it, to dig into the song, and hear it like it is brand new. I find every Grateful Dead song a treasure to discover full of endless interpretations realizations and inspirations. Being able to take a client’s vision and bring it to life is one of the best feelings in the world.


Ready to Get Started?

Cosmic Tattoos has proudly served the Charlotte community since 2002. We are passionate about creating the perfect design and tattoo for each person. Whether the tattoo is big or small we have the experience and are prepared to work with you to get the best result possible.

Why Choose Us

Quality Tattoo Inks

Quality Tattoo Inks

We use quality tattoo inks that are certified sterile, cruelty-free, made in the USA, and vegan.
Clean Sanitary Environment

Clean Sanitary Environment

We take great pride in providing a clean and sanitary tattoo environment.
Reliable Consistency

Friendly Environment

A welcoming environment where the tattoo artists help create and realize your vision.
We Care

Up-to-date Equipment

We use up-to-date, advanced tattoo equipment and aftercare products for an outstanding tattoo experience.
Easy Communication

Passion for Tattoos

At Cosmic Tattoos, we are passionate about creating the perfect design and tattoo for each person.
Speedy Turnaround

Creative Tattoo Artist

Emily is an extremely creative tattoo artist and is dedicated to bringing your idea to life on your skin.