Tattoo Shopping: How to get the best tattoo.

1. Do your research, the internet is an invaluable tool, find websites of your local studios and check out the styles of the artists in your area. Look for the shops/artists you like on social media like facebook, there are likely to be updated more often with new photos.

2. Have an idea of what you want, even if its just a concept. Think about where on your body you would like it to be. Do an image search for tattoo ideas, but be careful that you don't choose someone elses custom tattoo picture from the internet for your own.

3. Visit the artist or artists in person. Have a look around the shop, get a vibe from the place, ask questions. See if they are friendly and helpful.

4. Don't price shop for the cheapest deal. Quality tattoos aren't cheap. Cover ups and lazer removal definitely aren't cheap.

5. Get a custom drawing. You are going to wear the tattoo for life, its like permanent jewelry or clothing. Have it drawn to fit and flow nicely on your body, in the style that you most prefer.

6. Be in control. Don't let your friend or loved one control your part of the conversation when you are consulting about your tattoo design with the artist. Be confident in what you want, don't let yourself be railroaded into something you don't want.

7. Show up for your appointments, y'all, seriously. One of my biggest pet peeves is being stood up for an appointment. I have better things to do than to sit on my hands and wait for something that's just not going to happen.

8. Accept that the tattoo is going to hurt. Tattoos hurt, but its topical and tolerable for the most part. Obviously some areas on the body hurt more than others, be prepared to endure through it gracefully.

9. Tip your artist. If you are truly a kind person, throw a tip to your artist. Even a little means a lot.

10. Follow your aftercare instructions. How you treat your tattoo has a permanent effect on how it will look when its healed.

Want a Custom Tattoo?

In order for us to draw you a custom design, we require a non-refundable fee. $20.single drawing, $40.half sleeves, $80.full sleeves. The fee is strictly for the time spent drawing your design. You do not get the design unless you get tattooed. Because of this we cannot send custom designs through emails, or give out copies. Understand that a custom drawing can take up to a month to accomplish. Please have patience. When we accept your fee we will get as much information from you as we can about what you have in mind. After we draw it up, we will call you to come in and look at the design. This is to ensure that we are heading in the right direction. We recommend that you come in to have a look before you are ready to get tattooed. This way you can make changes if nessasary without any pressure to the artist. You can make changes as needed as long as you don't change the subject matter (like changing a dragon design, to a tribal design). If you want to change the subject matter, that would be a new custom drawing and a new fee. Once you are happy with the design, we will set up a time that is convenient for you to get started. Thank you for considering a custom tattoo from COSMIC TATTOOS. If you have any questions give us a call 704-334-2707.

Important Tattoo Aftercare

Directly after getting tattooed your artist will cover the fresh area. You should leave the bandage on for two to three hours. As soon as you remove your bandage, wash your tattoo thoroughly. Do Not use antibacterial soap. Just soap up your hands with a mild soap such as dove, or ivory, and wash the fresh area with your hands. Never use a washcloth or any rough material to wash your tattoo until the scabs or peelings have naturally fallen away. This can cause premature scab removal, thus loss of color. You cant wash the tattoo off, so don't be afraid to really wash it, using your hands. After washing allow your tattoo to air out overnight. Never re-bandage your tattoo.

As long as the tattooed skin feels warm to the touch, leave it alone. It can take 2-3 days for the heat to go away, don't use any product on it during this time, and be super quick in the shower. When the heat is gone and the skin feels dry and itchy, rub in a small bit of lotion, until its not slippery anymore. Please do not experiment just use one of the lotions that we recommend, Original Eucerin Lotion, Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, and Original Lubriderm. You don't need a huge bottle; a travel size bottle will be plenty.

Do Not Under any Circumstances use any medicated product, ointment, oil, gel, grease, or anything that looks or feels like Vaseline! Wear loose cotton clothing over the tattooed area. Cotton allows your skin to breathe, where polyester does not.

DO NOT go swimming, do not soak in the hot tub, and do not soak in the bath until the scabs or peelings naturally fall away. Be quick in the shower for the first week or two. Chlorine and saltwater or soaking in general will cause a thick scab to form or mushiness which will cause longer healing time, and loss of color, guaranteed.

Keep out of direct sunlight for at least a month. The sun will peel the paint off a car, so naturally it can have an effect on your tattoo. Thereafter always apply strong sunblock lotion before going into direct sunlight. DO NOT use sunblock on your tattoo while it is still healing!!!!!! Wash your hands before you touch your fresh tattoo and NEVER let others touch your fresh ink with their dirty hands!

Scabs or peelings will be the same color as the ink, this is normal. If the tattooed skin looks like it is seeping, mushy or spongy, you may have over moisturized it. If this happens, leave it alone and let it dry out. It takes a full month for your tattoo to heal completely. At best it will flake and peel like a sunburn. If it gets mushy and scabs form don't pick at them. After the scabs are gone, you will likely have a thin film of dead skin over the tattoo, making it look kind of milky. This is dry dead skin that will eventually flake off on its own. Never pick at or peel your tattoo!

Deposit Policy

Deposits are nonrefundable - no matter the circumstances, and nontransferable to another person or design. The deposit for tattoos under $100 will be the entire amount of the tattoo. Tattoos requiring 1-3 hours will require $100 deposit. Tattoos requiring 3-5 hours will require $200 deposit. Tattoos requiring 5 + hours will require a $400 deposit. Any changes to your appointment must be made a minimum 48 hours in advance. You must show up for your appointment within 20 minutes of the scheduled time.

If you show up at the agreed time and date for your appointment the deposit will be deducted from the price of your tattoo. If you cannot show up for your appointment for any reason, you will lose your deposit and will have to put down a new deposit for a new appointment. Thank you for understanding our policy on appointment deposits.

If you have any questions call us at COSMIC TATTOOS 704-334-2707 HAPPY HEALING!